Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lily PTU Tutorial!

This tutorial was written by me on April 25, 2013 and 
any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. 

Supplies Need:
Tube of choice: Lily by Gemini Creationz Imaging. 
Find it HERE at The PSP Project.  

Scrap kit:  Alexandrite Tagger Kit by Gemini Creationz. 
Find it HERE at The PSP Project. 

Eyecandy 4000>HERE

French Script Font>HERE
So, let's begin!
*remember to save often!

Open up frame 3, copy frame and paste it as a new IMAGE close the original  Make your canvas size pretty large here so we have enough room 
to work >image>canvas size>1600x1300. Rotate 10 degree to the right. 
Add shadow:
V: 3 H: 0 
O: 100 B: 7

Open frame 1, copy and paste it as a new layer placing it on top of the square frame.

Open paper 8, copy paper, take magic wand, click inside the frame shape selections>modify>expand to 11> make new raster 
layer and paste the paper into the selection on the new raster layer you just made.

Open sparkles, copy and paste as a new layer on the top.

Open up tag, copy and paste as a new layer, positioning to the lower left side of the circle frame. 

Open up embel 07-flower, copy and paste as a new layer, positioning to the lower left side, 
under the tag.

Open up greenery 03, copy and paste as a new layer, positioning behind the circle frame 
and circle paper, near the top right side.

Open up embel 10, resize to 75%, copy and paste as a new layer, positioning on the bottom layer.

Add your tube, I used the tube Lily by Gemini Creationz Imaging. I'm using the green layer. Resize by 70%, Copy and paste the as a new layer placing her under the circle frame layer. 
Grab the lasso, encircle her head and promote that section to a new layer, 
then send that layer to the very top.
Go back to the original layer, grab the lasso tool again and trace the edge of the circle frame [on the tube layer] and cut away the bottom edge that's 
protruding, add shadow.  
V: 3 H: 0 
O: 100 B: 3

Crop down as close to the edges as possible without cutting anything off, 
**a great way to see where the edge of the sparkles is to add a new layer on the very bottom and flood fill it BLACK. This way you can see the edges of anything a light color.**

resize to 650 on the largest side.
[You can go smaller size on this if you prefer]
Add watermarks and copyright info.

For the name I used the glass and gradient glow filter from Eyecandy 4000, I also added a shadow.

Save and you are done!
If any part of your tag is blurry you can clear it up by sharpening the layer >adjust>sharpness>sharpen.
I hope you have enjoyed this tut.
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Out Of This World Extras!

For these super extras  have used the awesome art of Industrial Aardvark, 
you can find his "Polly Ethylene tube HERE at The PSP Project!
I've paired this tube with the exclusive kit "Beyond This World" 
by Wicked Princess Scraps.
This kit is stuffed with art from Industrial Aardvark too! 
You can only find this kit HERE at The PSP Project!

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