Friday, September 16, 2011

Love Kills Extras and Matching Cluster Frame Freebie!

I have a double posting today.
I found a really awesome kit at Designer Scraps I had to work with,
It's called Love Kills by Farrah.
I am a huge Ed Hardy fan so this spoke to me.
I added some Twilight feeling to it on my tag, I hope y'all like it.

Here's the matching Cluster Frame Freebie


**I would love to see any creations using my frames.

Adding font information to a tag without scripting

I've ran into several times when I could not remember what font I used on a tag.
This is a simple way to add any info you need to your tags.
The great thing about this is anyone can read your info if they have paint shop pro..
So, if you have tags stolen and modified it's simple to keep up with your work.
1st click Image>Image Information

Now you get a box like this..
Add your title and tagger's name then in the large box, add your font info!

Now go create some awesome tags!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Masquerade Ball Cluster Frame Freebie!

For this elegant frame I have used the kit " Masquerade Ball" by Wicked Princess Scraps. 
You can grab up this awesome kit for just .75 cents at Designer Scraps Store only HERE! 
Look in the clearance section, and beware, these go away forever on July 31st!

This was made using The Masquerade Ball kit from
Wicked Princess Scraps
Get it here.
Visit her blog here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beveled Fire Text Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need:
Fat font of choice
(I am using a FREE one called Flip Flop, it's here)
Lokas Software Artistic Effects, Gel
(find it here, plz note this is a pay to use item)
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow & Fire
(any version will work though, you can find it here)

So, let's get started.
First open up a new image, you choose the size.

Next go to the Text image and find your font, I am using Flip Flop.
Apply you font then go to Lokas Software, Gel and use the following settings:

Now you want to add a glow around your font to make it a little neater looking around the edges.
Use Eyecandy Gradient glow for this with the following settings:

Duplicate the font layer.

Now, choose the BOTTOM layer for your fire effect.
You want to do the top one choose eyecandy fire with the following settings...
you don't want the column too high or it will overtake the font.

Now, go back to the fire filter and make the fire direction go to the right with the same settings

now return to the filter and make it go to the left.
Again, same settings as before.

Now, you can add more fire if you wish to the edges to make it more smooth looking.
I am now on the top layer of our font. I am applying a drop shadow
Use the same settings as I have here:
Now, you just merge it all down and we are all done with our beveled fire text! 
No go make something hot with what you have learned!

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